Wyoming State Reading Council

We are choosing to no longer link to the ILA website. Please read the information that we have received directly from the ILA with regards to our continuation as a State Organization. Please contact us with any additional ideas, concerns, or suggestions you may have for us. I have not included all of the mentioned documents but they are available.

Also check out the letter from the Virginia Council which has been sent. Thank you to their president (Chynita Turner-Pryor) for sharing.

VSRC Letter


Dear Chapter Leaders,
As referenced in the Transition Team meeting/webinar, we have attached the following documents for your review:
· Group Exempt Affiliation Letter of Agreement – for those states choosing to be under ILA’s group exemption
· Non-Group Affiliation Letter of Agreement – for those states choosing to affiliate to ILA, but choosing to seek their own nonprofit (501(c)(3) determination
· Chapter Affiliation Benefits – outlines specific benefits associated with each of the two affiliation options (Group Exempt or Non-Group Affiliation)
· Webinar slides
In addition, the Chapter Affiliation Benefits outlines the Chapter Membership Dues/Subscription rates as well as information regarding optional Enhanced Affiliation Packages that can be added to increase the level of service provided by ILA and the benefits the states receives. 
How Did ILA Arrive at Charging Dues?
ILA staff conducted considerable research to arrive at a fee structure that would be fair and equitable. We consulted the state council’s financial information available on Guidestar.org, and examined other national and international organizations that charge dues. Based on this information, we established the following annual fee structure:

U.S. Chapter Revenue Range

Group Affiliation

Non–Group Affiliation










The decision to establish state dues was made in conjunction with the ILA Board of Directors, who reviewed the financial impact of ILA’s support of councils and determined that such a dues structure was essential. ILA anticipates generating some revenue, but as you will see in the chart below the revenue will serve to offset only a percentage of ILA’s expenses:

Membership Dues (Group Exemption)

Anticipated Revenue







To determine state dues, ILA will request each chapter submit the past three (3) years of 990’s filed to determine an accurate assessment of the state’s financial status. From this information and in conversation with state leaders, ILA will assess the annual dues fee. ILA will review the state dues financial information every three years for a reassessment of the fee. A hardship policy is in development that will allow for consideration of prevalent and extreme circumstances and will provide a process for request of relief from or discount of payment of assessed dues.
How Can We Get A Discount on Our Dues?
In an effort to help chapters offset the cost of the dues on an annual basis, ILA is excited to announce an incentive program that will accompany the annual Chapter Membership/Subscription dues. The program is simple: increase the number of ILA members to a certain amount and receive a discount on your annual dues. Retain a certain amount of members per year and you can receive a discount too. More information regarding the Chapter Incentive and Payment Schedule will be distributed in January. 
Our team is dedicated to helping make this transition a smooth process for all chapters. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Thank you in advance for your support.
Tiffany Sears
Chapter & Region Services Manager  |  International Literacy Association

ILA Chapter Affiliates

Webinar Slides