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Mission Statement
The Wyoming State Reading Council of the International Reading Association is a professional organization that provides information, support and service to anyone concerned with the promotion of the lifelong love of reading and the development of literacy at all levels.

Wyoming Reading Council Goals
I.  To promote the purpose of the Wyoming State Reading Council as stated by the bylaws:
          A)  To encourage the study of reading problems at all educational levels;
B) To stimulate and promote research in developmental, creative, corrective and      remedial reading;
C) To study the various factors that influence progress in reading;
D) To assist in the development of more adequate teacher training programs;
E) To publish the results of pertinent and significant investigations and practices;
F) To act as an intermediate clearing house for information related to reading;
G) To disseminate knowledge helpful in the solution of problems related to reading;
H) To support conferences and meetings planned to implement the purpose of the Council and the IRA;
I) To promote mutual understanding and cooperative work among educators in elementary, secondary, higher education, high schools, special areas, colleagues, and leadership positions;
J) To promote and support existing councils;
K) To strive to initiate new local councils;
L) To print and publish a newsletter which will promote and stress the purposes of the Wyoming State Reading Council;

II. To uphold the mission statement of the Wyoming State Reading Council by:
A) Networking with other educationalgroups;
B) Involving parents;
C) Interacting with legislators.

Adopted 1992 / Revised 2010

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